Conferences and Courses Attended



Post-operative hypoxia                                                                                   1996

Visit to North Carolina Neurological Centre                                                       1998

Sleep Apnoea and Hypoventilation,Oxford                                                        1999

West PennineCourse on Sleep Apnoea and Snoring                                         1999

British Sleep Society Meeting, Oxford                                                             1999

World Congress of Sleep Apnoea, Sydney, Australia                                        2000

Sleep Disordered Breathing, Newcastle                                                           2001

ResMed Study day for Autoset CPAP                                                             2001

Associated Professional Sleep Societies, Seattle                                             2002

Lecture to West Yorkshire Cardiology meeting on OSA and                              2002

Heart Failure

Member of Advisory Panel for Taylor Patten producing                                      2002

a primary care CD-ROM on sleep apnoea

British Sleep Society Meeting, Cambridge                                                       2002

British Sleep Society  Spring Meeting, York,                                                    2003

British Sleep Society  meeting Cambridge                                                       2003

Speaker at Royal College of Anaesthetists on Obstructive                                2003, 4, 5

Sleep Apnoea and Anaesthesia                          

World Congress of Sleep Apnoea, Helsinki                                                      2003

Training the Trainers Course Royal College of Surgeons                                   2003

Speaker at the Yorkshire Society of Anaesthetists meeting

on the impact of snoring and sleep apnoea on anaesthesia.                              2003

Legal Issues Course, Yorkshire Deanery                                                         2003

Skills of Expert Witness Course                                                                    2003

Associated Professional Sleep Societies, Philadelphia (poster                         2004


Sleep Apnoea and Hypoventilation, Oxford                                                      2004

Society of Occupational Medicine London Sleep apnoea meeting                     2004

Good Clinical Practice Regulation : An update for Research                             2004

Ethics Committees

AtWork Conference Legal issues in Occupational Medicine                              2004

BSS meeting Cambridge                                                                               2004

Sleep & Hypoventilation meeting  Oxford                                                         2005

Occupational Health Law                                                                               2005

BSS meeting Cambridge                                                                               2005

Speaker at Trent Occupational Medicine meeting “ Investigation                        2005

And treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea”

Medico-legal report writing Core Skills and Advanced Skills                               2006

Continuing Medical Education day RCA London                                               2007

Speaker at the Yorkshire Winter Anaesthetic Meeting                                      2008

Associated Professional Sleep Societies Seattle                                             2009  

Australian Sleep Association Meeting Melbourne (2 posters

 & presentations)                                                                                           2009

How to Treat Difficult Patients in the Sleep Laboratory                                      2009

Speaker at Parliamentary Advisory Committee on Transport Safety                   2009

Speaker at the Association of Police Officers and Police Federation

Roads Policing Conference                                                                            2010

Yorkshire Society of Anaesthetists Meeting                                                    2010

Speaker at the Association of Dental Anaesthetists meeting                            2010

Speaker at the West Midlands Police Joint Branch Meeting                             2010

Interviews for BBC radio and BBC One Show: Drivers and OSA                        2010

What’s New in Sleep and Respiration? Royal Society of Medicine                    2010

Worcester College Sleep Conference, Oxford                                                 2011

Sleep 2011 Associated Professional Sleep Societies meeting

Minneapolis                                                                                                 2011

Telemedicine Conference, Kings Fund London. (panel member)                       2011

23rd Annual Scientific Meeting British Sleep Society Cambridge                      2011

Sleep Apnoea an Multimodal Transportation. American Sleep

Apnoea Association Baltimore                                                                      2011  

26th Annual Meeting of Associated Professional Sleep Societies

Boston                                                                                                       2012

British Sleep Society Meeting Darlington                                                       2012

Training Day for New NRES Committee Chairs                                              2012

27th Annual Meeting of Associated Professional Sleep Societies

Baltimore                                                                                                           2013

Speaker at the Society for Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry

Annual Symposium at the Royal Society of Medicine                                    2013

Healthcare Efficiency Through Technology                                                    2013

Worcerster College Conference on Sleep Apnoea

and Hypoventilation                                                                                             2014

Philips Healthcare Innovation Summit Kings Fund London                                  2014

American Thoracic Society Meeting San Diego                                                 2014

28th Annual Meeting of Associated Professional Sleep Societies

Minneapolis                                                                                                          2014

Society of Anesthesia and Sleep Medicine New Orleans                                2014

International Society for the Perioperative Care of the Obese Patient            2014

Speaker at Society of Occupational Medicine meeting  Leeds                         2015

European Sleep Research Society Meeting Barcelona                                     2015

Postgraduate Courses  Seattle                                                                       2015

   Persistent Paediatric OSA

   Occupational Medicine and Sleep

   Sleep and Telemedicine

29th Annual Meeting of Associated Professional Sleep Societies                   2015


 Speaker at Sleep Medicine in a Community Setting. Royal                             2015

Society of Medicine, London

Poster: "Does a follow up appointment 6-8 weeks after starting CPAP

improve compliance?" British Sleep Society meeting                                         2015

Speaker at Society of Anesthesia and Sleep Medicine SAn Diego                  2015

 International Society for the Perioperative Care of the Obese Patient            2015

Speaker at Sleep Medicine 2015 Abergavenny                                                   2015

Telemedicine and eHealth 2015: Wearables and the caring home                  2015

Editorial in Anaesthesia (In Press) "The importance of obstructive sleep

apnoea management in peri-operative medicine"Dawson, Singh Chung       2015

Speaker at the Primary FRCA regional teaching programme Bradford              2015

Speaker at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of Obesity

and Bariatric Anaesthesia, Royal College of Physicians London                        2015

Speaker on Anaesthesia and Sleep Apnoea at the Association of

Anaesthetists of GB and Ireland Annual Congress                                            2016

Postgraduate Courses San Francisco                                                            2016

  Sleep and Critical Illness

  Central Apnoea and Cheyne-Stokes Breathing

American Thoracic Society meeting San Francisco                                             2016

 Speaker at the Care Conference Warwick                                                           2016

Society of Anesthesia and Sleep Medicince conference Chicago                         2016

Speaker at Faculty of Pain Medicine Study day London                                       2017

Climbed Kilimanjaro !!!!!                                                                                     2017

American Thoracic Society meeting Washington                                                   2017

Speaker at the Care Conference Warwick                                                             2017

Speaker at Occupational Health 2017                                                                    2017

Worcester College Sleep and Breathing Conference                                              2017

Sleep Study day How to Treat Insominia                                                                 2017

Speaker at Northern Sleep Forum                                                                           2017